Optimize Your CCVShop Experience with Extenda GO – Connect Integration

Elevate your CCVShop platform to new heights with Extenda GO – Connect, the premier integration tool designed to flawlessly synchronize your e-commerce store with the robust functionality of Extenda GO. This integration offers CCVShop users an unparalleled opportunity to streamline product, inventory, and order management processes, eliminating manual errors and enhancing operational efficiency. Here’s why Extenda GO – Connect is the ultimate solution for CCVShop store owners:

  1. Seamless Real-Time Synchronization: Eliminate the manual burden of updating product details and stock levels across platforms. Extenda GO – Connect ensures that your CCVShop store and Extenda GO database are in perfect harmony, providing real-time accuracy for product information, inventory, and orders.
  2. Centralized Product Management: Take control of your product catalog with ease. Extenda GO – Connect allows you to centrally manage product data, adjusting descriptions, pricing, and availability swiftly and pushing these updates directly to your CCVShop store, ensuring consistency and accuracy.
  3. Efficient Order Processing: Transform your order management with automated processing. Orders placed on your CCVShop store are instantly synchronized with Extenda GO, optimizing inventory management and ensuring faster, more reliable order fulfillment.
  4. Boosted Customer Satisfaction: By maintaining accurate inventory data and enhancing order processing efficiency, you greatly reduce the risk of customer dissatisfaction due to stock issues or shipping delays, leading to improved customer retention and loyalty.
  5. Cost-Effective Solution: Extenda GO – Connect offers an economical way to maximize your e-commerce operations. With competitive pricing and no hidden charges, you get a powerful synchronization tool that enhances your store’s performance without breaking the bank.
  6. Straightforward Integration Process: Integrating Extenda GO – Connect with your CCVShop store is a breeze, designed to be user-friendly and requiring minimal technical expertise. The process is quick and straightforward, allowing you to benefit from enhanced functionality without any significant downtime.
  7. Dedicated Support and Continuous Updates: Our commitment to your success is ongoing. Extenda GO provides continuous support and regular updates for the Extenda GO – Connect integration, ensuring compatibility with the latest e-commerce advancements and security protocols.

Transform your CCVShop store with Extenda GO – Connect, the key to unlocking a more streamlined, efficient, and competitive e-commerce operation.

Amazing and efficient connection between our webshop and ExtandaGO POS system. Saves us a lot of time.

James, London Mens Clothing


Inside Extenda that is possible but this platform has by default no option for this.

Yes, that’s possible. In our app/plugin settings you can determine how the product processing took place.

Yes that’s possible. Check the SETUP tab in our plugin or app. Here you can trigger the export of import action. This will put all existing products into a queue for proccessing. Please be ware that this can take some tim depending on the amount of products.

Please contact you Extenda GO dealer for these credentials.

For the Woocommerce connection, this is a direct connection where no data is stored externally.

For Shopify / Wix and CCV Shop this runs thru our platform. Order data is processed immediately. Product and stock changes are kept for 7 days for control and backup